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Garage door repair is an important home service that’s needed when your garage door experiences issues. It can be easy to forget about your garage door until problems start occurring more frequently. But because garage doors play an important role in home routines, they are in use multiple times each day. Over time, this contributes to extensive wear and tear on garage door hardware. This can lead to springs snapping, cable drums falling, and openers malfunctioning. 

When this happens, it’s likely that your garage door won’t move or will exhibit signs of failure. It’s at this point that you need a trustworthy, local garage door team to provide the best garage door repair Cassopolis MI. Garage Doors Plus More employs a team of hardworking technicians who are dedicated to restoring your garage door to its prime condition at your home in Cassopolis MI.

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Need Garage Door Spring Replacement?

One of the most common garage door repairs we perform is garage door spring replacement. Garage door springs take on a frontline role, where they support the weight of the garage door when it’s moving. This puts a lot of stress on the springs, which are then limited in their lifespan. Standard torsion springs are known to last about 10-15,000 cycles, which could be anywhere from 7-14 years. 

When a spring breaks, it will make a loud banging noise. This can be frightening, but rest assured that it’s just a spring snapping. Don’t attempt to move the spring or use the garage door. Garage door springs are dangerous, even when broken, because of the leftover tension they carry. Quickly give us a call for garage door spring replacement in Cassopolis MI.

It’s important that you schedule garage door spring repair as soon as you notice any of the above signs. Even if garage door springs have snapped, they can still hold large amounts of tension in their coils. We strongly discourage you from handling garage door springs. Give us a call and we’ll provide garage door spring repair La Grange MI. 

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Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

When you notice one of the above signs occur in your garage, it’s time to call for garage door repair Cassopolis MI. If you continue to use your damaged garage door, it will most likely lead to other issues. This also poses a safety hazard, as a garage door with broken parts becomes unbalanced. This can lead the garage door to move with jerky movements or even slam shut.

  • Garage door won’t open.
  • Garage door moves and reverses.
  • Garage door only moves a couple of inches. 
  • Garage door makes abnormal, grinding noises.
  • Garage door moves extremely slowly.
  • Garage door moves at an angle.
  • Garage door has loose or fallen parts.
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Why You Need Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door maintenance can increase the lifespan of the garage door and greatly improve its functionality. It can be easy to forget about maintaining your garage door, given that it’s not as widely advertised. However, garage doors, like cars, are large features that require maintenance to perform at their best. We recommend that you schedule at least one garage door tune up a year. 

During a garage door tune up, a technician will thoroughly inspect your garage door for any issues or damaged parts. Next, garage door hardware will be cleaned, tightened, and lubricated. This can be instrumental in preventing damage to parts due to wear and tear. A door balance test will also be performed, which is important in determining that the garage door’s balance is correct. Over time, parts can shift, which can throw off the balance. This can damage the garage door and cause it to move unreliably. Fortunately, Garage Doors Plus More offers garage door maintenance in Cassopolis, MI.

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