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Our team is proud to offer garage door repair Elkhart IN! As a homeowner, you’re responsible for keeping your home in excellent condition. One of the most important features is the garage door, which is consequently one of the most used appliances. Research has shown that most people use the garage door as their primary entrance. This amount of use causes garage door hardware to experience severe wear and tear, which leads to issues in your system. 

That’s why you need to have a trustworthy garage door repair company to call in times when your garage door fails. It’s inevitable that you’ll need garage door repair Elkhart IN at some point, given that garage doors are used so often. Just like cars, they will experience problems that need to be addressed immediately. Our team at Garage Doors Plus More has years of experience handling garage door repairs near Elkhart IN. We are passionate about serving the community with integrity and professionalism.

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We Replace Garage Door Springs!

Garage door spring repair is a service most homeowners are familiar with. Garage door springs are crucial components of the door, working to balance movement. The standard torsion spring has a lifespan of 10-15,000 cycles, which usually falls between 5-15 years. When your garage door springs fail, we recommend that you stop using your garage door and immediately schedule a garage door spring replacement.

When a spring is broken, the garage door may not be able to move at all, or it may slam shut and move at an angle. It’s not safe to operate the door in these cases, which is why we encourage you to call the professionals at Garage Doors Plus More. Our garage door technicians are well-trained in handling garage door spring replacements safely and efficiently. 

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Need Garage Door Opener Repair?

Garage door opener repair is a common garage door service our team offers. Garage door openers are the motor of the door and conduct all movement that occurs. When an opener is too old or damaged, it will greatly impact the garage door. Most commonly, the garage door will start to move extremely slowly, make grinding noises, and even move inconsistently. It’s important that you schedule garage door opener repair if this happens. Continued use of the door will harm other hardware, especially the springs, which are taking on additional stress. Our team will inspect your opener for damage. If it cannot be repaired, we can recommend the best garage door openers we’ve worked with for replacement garage door openers. 

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When you need garage door repair Elkhart IN, give our team a call! We’re ready to handle your garage door service, no matter what the circumstances. We proudly offer same day garage door repair to help you in times of emergency. We’re confident that we’re the best team for the job in Elkhart, IN! If you’re searching for excellent customer service, look no further! We pride ourselves on being a local, neighborhood team passionate about offering wonderful service to the community of Elkhart IN. Schedule a free consultation with us today to learn more!